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What's the purpose of TagSale?

Ever wanted to sell that old chair you never use? Looking for a new piece of furniture for your office? Need to get rid of those old textbooks before you start your first job? Want to buy textbooks now for that class that starts tomorrow but not at a heart-attack inducing rate? That's the purpose of TagSale! Discover and post great deals in your local area, reduce sale times and get your wanted items quick!

What's the advantage of using TagSale over all the other hundreds of resale apps already out there?

TagSale offers quick, efficient and easy browsing and posting. Don't worry anymore about excessive categories, opening other apps to post to your favorite social media sites, or if that seller you don't know is sketchy. We've got reviews from other members to inform your buying and selling decisions, sharing capabilities, and really, really quick posting times. The discoverability is immediate, and the users are just like you!

What special stuff do you have for niche markets?

Our tags allow you to search for exactly what you're looking for without having to dig too far.

How do I use TagSale?

After activating your account, follow our tutorial to get a feel for the app itself. If you're a buyer, get to the categories and start exploring sales in your area. If you're a seller, simply take a picture within the app, tap what you'd like to sell, price and categorize it. Then your items are ready to be sold!

Interact with users in your area, explore deals, and make some friends. Review your buyers and sellers, and become a part of the fast-growing TagSale community today!

Your app is great, but?

Suggestions? We love 'em! Reach out to us directly at We pride ourselves on great community management and personal customer satisfaction. So write to us with your compliments or suggestions!

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